Weekly Summary – 113 miles (181 km) in 12 runs. 5 days up, 2 days down this week as this was the end of the first big 3-week block of training (averaging just over 140 miles per week for 21 days). A solid hills session and a good fartlek to end out the block this week. Less than 12 weeks to go!

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Lunes, 4 de Septiembre, 2017 – 8:30am: Slept long and well. Just a bit achy from yesterday’s effort. Ran Mariana’s long run today so a little back to back longer single effort. Started out nice and slow about 5’00/km out to about 12.5km (south, past Alexandria) and then picked it up quite a bit on the way up down to about 4’20s but she went a bit too hard too quickly and was doot doot at about 21km, so she stopped and sent me on solo. Jogged back a bit slower around 4’30s for 25k in about 2h00 even. Finished with 6x nice long strides maybe 130m on crystal drive since it was empty due to the holiday. Jogged around after to round up. Total run 26km in 2h03.

XT: Back/hips (1x weight/1x unweighted)

4pm: Ran later with a busy afternoon working. Felt surprisingly decent. Did 2 HAR loops (19’00, 18’03), finished at the field and then did 8x strides on the grass. Felt quite good. Maybe due to some PM caffeine to get through a lot of tedious website work. Total run 11km in 49’.

Martes, 5 de Septiembre, 2017 – 8am: Easy run on Matt’s loop. Quite tired this morning and didn’t sleep well last night but a nice surprise to run into Scott M who had just moved to DC recently. Ran with him from the Lincoln Memorial around Matt’s loop back to the bridge before the airport. Nice to have some company and hopefully we’ll get in some more miles over the next few months. Finished solo to black squirrel and then 5x strides. Total run 19km in 1h27.

XT: Earthtreks climbing. 6 routes with 5x 5.10b and then basically jogged up a 5.8 to get one last route in. Great. Not as sore today and even did 2x 5.10b in a row without belaying Mar as she was doot. Got our own harnesses and atc today. Shit’s getting real!

3:30pm: Easy shakeout from Earthtreks. Took it very easy and ran over to HAR and 1 loop in 19’0x. Headed to field for strides after (5x). Beautiful day, sunny and in the upper 80s. Maybe last one of these of the year! Jogged home. Total run 7km in 32’.

Miercoles, 6 de Septiembre, 2017 – Sparknotes: 10km easy + 15x short hills + 3.5km prog @ 10’31 (3’10->2’50, 3’00.4 avg) + lift + jumps.

7:30am: Ran early to beat the rain. Solo out/back on MVN for about 10km and then over to short hills hill. Wet grass so drills and strides on sidewalk there. Felt a bit tired, but good once I got going with the hills and warmed up. Did 15x total with the last one all the way to the hydrant in 38.5 (about a second slower than last week) but I was definitely feeling a bit more doot today.

Jogged over to 1km loop after and then did 3.5km progression (building from 3km last week). Felt very good on this, surprised myself. MP felt fairly comfortable around 3’10 first lap and then accelerated very well to run 3’10, 3’00, 2’56, and then the last 500m in 1’25. This brought us to 3.5km in 10’31 which is 3’00.4/km avg, almost exactly the same as last week. Very good!

Finally, jogged 2km back to gym for legs circuit and stretching. Long session minutes wise. Over 3 hours door to door including the gym work. No breakfast, too, so pretty wiped.

Total run 25km in 2h00

1 km 3’10.7 (3’10.7)
2 km 6’10.6 (2’59.9)
3 km 9’06.2 (2’55.6)
3.5 km 10’31.3 (1’25.1)

XT: Legs at the gym. 3 sets of [10x step up (20lb, 20lb, 30lb), 20x overhead lunge (20lb, 20lb, 30lb), 20x dynamic lunge (20lb, 20lb, 30lb), 8x squat (bar, +10, +20)]

2pm: Early shakeout due to work calls this PM. Ran 1 HAR loop in 20’03, a bit rainy still. Legs a bit doot from this AM and short turnaround, but not too bad. Finished with 5x strides around CC loop as grass was wet. Finished at gym for jumps. Total run 7km in 33’.

XT: Jumps: 15x squat jumps, 15x lunge jumps (each side), 30x single leg side hops (each leg, each side), 15x box jump.

Jueves, 7 de Septiembre, 2017 – 9am: Slept late and long last night. Quite tired. Ran very easy (5’10ish) with Mariana out/back on MVN 9km+ in black squirrell and then solo not much quicker maybe 4’50-55ish on MVS. Didn’t want to push today at all with workout tomorrow and long day yesterday. Did 4x strides at BS on the way back and then jogged home. Total run 19km in 1h35.

3:30pm: Easy shakeout around HAR. Nice and sunny. 1 lap in 18’30. Felt much better than the AM. 6x strides on the grass after which felt good. Ready to go tomorrow! Total run 6km in 27’.

Viernes, 8 de Septiembre, 2017 – Sparknotes: 18km Fartlek in 58’43 (3’15 avg) w 5x2K @ 6’03.4 avg + 2x1K @ 2’56.2 avg, 1km rec @ 3’45.7 avg.

6:45am: Early workout today while it was nice and cool (only in the upper 50s). Fartlek today with the goal of doing some work at ~HM pace and 10K pace and keeping it fairly continuous for about an hour. The workout we’d mapped out was 5x2K w/ 1km recovery + 2x1K with 500m recovery.

Warmed up 3km around CC to 1K loop. Did a good amount of drills and strides and then 200m in about 34. Ran in hupanas.

Workout felt pretty tough early on. I tried a bit too hard to hit 3’00/km pace even though I think the effort was too great. The first two reps were spot on at 5’59.x but by rep 3 I was feeling very tired and it was clear that that pace was just too hot today. 3rd rep was 6’07 and 4th rep was 6’08 with a 3’05 2nd km. I took a slower recovery lap (3’36) and felt better on the last one (6’04) but was pretty fried from the early reps.

So, I took one VERY easy km (4’48) before starting the 1Ks, which was great as I felt much better after that. These were still not as fast as I expected (2’58/2’54), but given how toasted I was early on and how high the HR got in the second half, I was pleased to finish running faster. I also took 1km rec between those two instead of the prescribed 500m, as I wanted to make sure the pace was reasonable.

Decided to postpone the strides/200s and jumps until the afternoon as I was feeling pretty depleted.

Cooled down about 4km home.

Total run 26km in 1h36.

Time Split HR
1 km 3’01.1 (3’01.1) 142
2 km 5’59.9 (2’58.8) 159 (5’59.9)
3 km 9’30.7 (3’30.8) 156
4 km 12’30.8 (3’00.1) 169
5 km 15’29.9 (2’59.1) 176 (5’59.2)
6 km 19’04.0 (3’34.1) 169
7 km 22’07.4 (3’03.4) 176
8 km 25’11.1 (3’03.7) 181 (6’07.1)
9 km 28’44.4 (3’33.3) 177
10 km 31’46.9 (3’02.5) 184
11 km 34’51.9 (3’05.0) 186 (6’07.5)
12 km 38’27.9 (3’36.0) 181
13 km 41’31.4 (3’03.5) 185
14 km 44’31.4 (3’00.0) 188 (6’03.5)
15 km 49’19.4 (4’48.0) 160
16 km 52’17.4 (2’58.0) 182
17 km 55’49.2 (3’31.8) 173
18 km 58’43.6 (2’54.4) 184

3pm: Ran very easy with Mar out/back on MVN to 2M turn around and back in about 31’. After, changed into tracers and did 5x very good long strides (~130m) on crystal drive. Felt good on these. Jogged after to the gym for jumps and stretching. Total run 9km in 40’.

XT: Jumps: 10x squat jumps, 10x lunge jump (each side), 20x one leg side hop (each side), 10x squat jumps

Sabado, 9 de Septiembre, 2017 – 10am: Ran late after sleeping in. A bit sore and jogged very easy out/back on MVN. Quicker back after 5’00+ out. Finished with 2x very relaxed strides on crystal drive. Started Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 today. Will be a journey. Total run 12km in 58’.

XT: Climbing at Earthtreks. 3x 5.10b. Lots of walking around CC to ET and back twice really as went to watch Mar’s 5K.

PM: No run, just walking.

Domingo, 10 de Septiembre, 2017 – AM: OFF, no run for rec block. Legs felt way better. Walked to ET/back for climbing lesson.

XT: ET climbing lesson and route climbing after. Good session with a bunch of practice work and then 2x up singularity route which is one of the trickier 10b’s.

3:30pm: Easy run around HAR from home. Legs felt quite good out the door, and running 18’10s first two laps and 17’30 last lap which is quite quick on this loop (~4’10/km avg for a very hilly route). Finished with 4x good strides on crystal drive. Total run 14km++ in 61’.