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Ty has been lucky to have the support of his family, friends, and coach, Jon Waldron, since his humble beginning as a high schooler. In recent years, other companies and organizations have begun supporting Ty in his quest to become the best runner he can. Please read on and visit the following links to find out more about Team Ty.


hoka logo

HOKA ONE ONE is a shoe for all runners, from joggers to elite athletes looking to improve their performance.

Ty says, “HOKA ONE ONE provides me with the shoes and gear that I wear in training and racing. I run a lot of mileage – over 160 miles per week at times – and I owe a big part of my ability to stay healthy to my HOKAs. They have tons of cushion to protect my bones and joints, while still providing a smooth ride and a light shoe. I love ’em!”

STRIVE Trips organizes community-service based programs for high school and college student athletes to travel to Peru and Kenya.

Ty says, “STRIVE is a program I’ve been working with since 2011, both leading programs on the ground in Peru and working as an ambassador during the year. I love representing STRIVE because it combines service and athletics – two things about which I’m extremely passionate.”




Nuun Active Hydration is an electrolyte enhanced drink tablet designed for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Ty says, “Nuun keeps me hydrated and healthy through my long training sessions and races. I love the convenience of being able to travel with my Nuun tabs and making up a quick bottle whenever I need one.”


Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger makes honey-based energy fuel including waffles, energy chews, protein bars, and gels for every activity. Take us on your next adventure.

Ty says, “Honey Stinger is my fuel! As I’ve gotten deeper into the ultra world, fueling on-the-go becomes more and more of a critical part of my performance. Honey Stinger’s gels, waffles, and chews have been my go-to munchies on a long day on the trails, a hard road marathon, or even a trek to Mt. Everest!”