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UPDATE: I’m now coaching as part of the Chaski Endurance Collective. Please visit to inquire about coaching. The prices outlined below are still applicable and you’re welcome to email me ( if you’re interested.



I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by a number of extremely knowledgeable and wise individuals who have helped bring me from a 20+ minute 5k runner to a career in professional athletics. During this decade and a half of improvement, I’ve also been a student of the sport of distance running and have followed science and training theory and experimented on myself to find a unique balance of ideals for the development of a runner.

I have now been working with individuals as a consultant or coach for close to a decade. I’ve worked with high schoolers, college students, and adult runners from a variety of backgrounds and abilities. In deciding to dedicate more time to this in the future, I am once again accepting new clients.


In general, I offer three levels of service to athletes.


1. Custom Training Plan – This is a customized training plan based on your desires for racing, your goal mileage, and your specific background. I’ll want to have a long and in-depth conversation with you regarding your background, goals, and available time and energy for training before I design your plan to make sure I understand your specific needs.

Plans can range from 3k/5k to marathon or ultra-marathon in terms of distance and focus. Athletes of all levels are welcome.

The cost for this option is $100 per 12-week plan.


2. Custom Training Plan with Online Coaching and Unlimited Contact (LIMITED) – The third option is a more involved true online coaching relationship. This includes everything from Options 1 and 2 but also includes unlimited email/phone communication with me and regular check-ins. Generally, I touch base at least once a week with my athletes to go over the upcoming week’s training plan, questions they have about workouts, or any modifications we might be making to the schedule. This ability to keep in touch and modify a schedule is the most valuable part of this plan; I’ve found in my own training how important it is for a plan to be fluid and react to the athlete’s progressing fitness, figuring out what works, adjusting to any setbacks, etc.

Plans can range from 3k/5k to marathon or ultra-marathon in terms of distance and focus. Athletes of all levels are welcome. Due to the limited number of athletes I can accept under this plan, please email me at if you’re interested in this option, so we can make sure it’s a good fit.

The cost for this option is $200 per month, with a 3 month minimum.